One Day Seminar on the Gospel: January 20, 2018; 9AM – 8PM


Gospel Illiteracy in the Church is Pandemic

God knows the motives and intentions of the heart. Therefore, it is doubtful that God will send everyone to hell that has their soteriology a little wrong. Nevertheless, we should all agree that a doctrine of salvation that identifies its advocates as biblically unregenerate is extremely perilous.

Though the institutional church and its vast horde deny gospel illiteracy, the church’s present testimony is completely off the tracks. This is what anyone would expect from an errant gospel that misidentifies every element of true salvation. At least in regard to ill behavior or life success that differs little from the irreligious, the church must admit that it has a serious identity crisis. At this point in church history, any belief that church is yet perceived as society’s moral compass and rule for wisdom would be patently delusional.

The church jumps from fad to fad, trend to trend, and from new twists on reality to newer ones. Clearly, books written by men have all but totally replaced independent Bible study. The church is entwined in its own internal drama concerning incessant theological debate, scandals, and sanctified entertainment while ministry is farmed out to a religious educated class of elitists. If parishioners are honest, they must admit those they attend church with week after week change little, if at all, except for the worse.

In reality, the church is not only in a moral identity crisis, it is in a gospel crisis as well. Churches are either mired in scandal or division, or at peace and lifeless. What’s wrong with church? A false gospel is what’s wrong with church. Every parishioner to a person believes that Christ died for our past, present, and future sins, that Christ not only came to die on the cross, but to live a life of perfect law-keeping, that salvation is atonement, and “Christians” are “sinners saved by grace.” These church truisms are not only antithetical to the gospel, but are foregone conclusions among the churched. Never before in history has there been such a vast gulf between freedom of information and a gospel blackout.

On Saturday, January 20, 2018, the case for justification by new birth will be presented in a conversational format. This is a gospel opposed to the traditional false gospel of justification by faith. The gospel of justification by faith is not only wrong on a few points, it is biblically upside down with its historical ill behaviors following.

We invite you to be challenged, for there is nothing that we want to be surer of than the true way of salvation.

Paul Dohse